JDY Theatre Presents: The Old House

February 10th-11th-12th 

Vaughan City Playhouse (1000 New Westminster Dr, Thornhill, ON L4J 8G3)

The 70s. Odessa. Shining waves from the Black Sea bounce and sparkle, reflecting the rays of the bright sun. Friendly residents are always ready to offer their advice, especially when advice isn’t asked for. This wonderful town is home to people of different nationalities and cultures. They speak the Russian language, sing Ukrainian songs, and deliberate in Yiddish. In this town, you will be served the most delicious borscht and Jewish gefilte fish for lunch. This town of mixed blood gives birth to great violinists, poets, singers, and comedians. Humor… Here, the breaths of fresh sea breeze immediately turn into jokes and laughter. 

Precisely in this town, you will meet our two heroes – Dina and Andrew. Two hearts in love, young, believing that they are made for each other. All of these occur to be great reasons to receive their parents’ blessings and prepare for a wedding. Very soon, Odessa will welcome another new young family. Dina is thrilled, but… it turns out that receiving the blessing of Andrew’s mother is not enough. She discovers that she needs to seek the approval of all of Andrew’s neighbors. Will Dina be able to convince everyone that she is the ideal wife for Andrew?

Different generations, different outlooks on life. The eternal misunderstandings between parents and kids. This heartwarming piece is a mirror that reflects each of us and our families. The humor and atmosphere that are uniquely inherent to Odessa in the 1970s will certainly accompany the audience all throughout this unforgettable production – The Old House.  

With direction by award winning director, Dan Petrenko, award winning choreographer, Veronika Bah of the Fouetté Academy of Dance, the original songs of Yan Shvartsman, and the talented performers of JDY Theatre, THE OLD HOUSE guarantees to be a fun-filled evening of laughter and tears for the whole family! 

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Dana Turetski

Giora Klichinsky

Annabelle Kolomeisky

Yan Shvartsman

Jasmine Shalev

Michelle Chalatov

Nick Gordon

Maria Finkelson

William Layng

Orel Shikher

Yair Korokhov 

Daniel Kogan

Michal Petrenko

Kseniya Derevyanko

Nicole Vaksman

Shawn Sherman

Anna Naumova

Michelle Beilis


Director - Dan Petrenko

Stage Management - Nikie Martin, Lital Chernyi

Lighting - Sammar Dakakni

Vocal Instructor - Luba Shalev

Dance Instructor - Ella Petrenko

Production Advisor - Dina Dryden

Set Design - Gena Feinman, Sergey Petrenko

Musical Producer - Dana Turetski 


Based on the story “Old Houses” by Golubenko, Ilchenko, Haiit. 
Script - Dan Petrenko
Songs - Yan Shvartsman

Choreography - Veronika Bah

Musical Arrangements - Igor Rabinovich 

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